WHAT WE ARE? was established in January 2001 to protect Web Host Consumers and Web Developers from making the wrong choice when choosing a Adult Web host. showcases a selection of web hosting companies who have undergone our Approved Host program testing and provides reviews from customers.

WHAT WE DO? has expanded its network to provide solutions for every part of the web hosting industry. Ensuring that all web hosting companies promoted on our site meet our standards of quality in service and solutions, we formed the Approved Host Program. The FindMyAdultHost Approved Host award marks excellence in the field of Adult Web Hosting by testing web hosting companies on their control panels, network speed/stability, technical support, and dependability; we even poll their current customers. Only those companies who pass and are awarded the Seal of Approval are found on our site. Essentially is a non-biased resource center to help you choose a quality web hosting solution.

Our mission is to provide a one-stop, unbiased, definitive source for all of your web hosting needs. We give you detailed Report Cards, editor reviews, consumer reviews and help guides for each web host company to help you with your web hosting choices. In addition we stand behind each and every Web Host you find in our Approved Hosts Marketplace through our Guaranteed Hosting Program. Visitors to the FindMyHost Network can shop the Approved Hosts Marketplace and receive Guaranteed Hosting. That’s right! Should you ever find you made a mistake in your choice, FindMyAdultHost will work hard to resolve your problem.


The FindMyAdultHost, Inc. staff are web hosting professionals who have been involved in the industry for many years. We all work towards a common goal: ‘to protect web host consumers and web developers from making the wrong web hosting choice’. The many years of experience coupled with the above mentioned programs provide you, the consumer, with one of the most comprehensive list of qualified web hosts in the industry. If a web host doesn’t carry the FindMyAdultHost seal of approval, you are making the wrong choice in selecting them to run your web site/business.

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